8 of the best Basketball Dribbling Drills to practice

Today’s read comprises of a number of basic training exercises, mainly drills. These basketball dribbling drills will help shape up and keep you intact with the basic game. It’s extremely important for one to remember and keep in mind that without dribbling one can never give a good game in basketball.One can never master this sport without being able to do the basketball dribbling drills.
For many of us, Basketball remains a very important sport and is a game that utilizes one’s whole body, strength and attention. This outdoor game particularly shapes up the body very well and helps them enjoy something where you can fully understand yourself and the people you begin playing with.
Before the game or during training it’s necessary that the whole team should warm up and take these drills very seriously. The focus of this read is solely on the importance of basketball dribbling drills for people who are well aware of the game. These drills are often known as ball handling drills by many coaches and instructors, so make sure you don’t confuse yourself.
The amount of time that should be spent on each of the listed below drills, vary in between thirty to sixty seconds. You can increase or decrease the time according to how much pace you’re beginning to occupy. You don’t necessarily have to be on the basketball court only to master these tricks, any good space will do.
Though, the best practices are usually carried out with the involvement of the whole team. A coach usually stands in the center of the circle and the team spreads outwards evenly around. Each team member waits for his turn and then these drills are practiced and completed.

Basketball dribbling drills for the team

Up and Downs-Pound Dribble

The drill starts by dribbling the ball in front of you till the ball reaches your waistline. Slowly increase the strength by which you are dribbling the ball. This will let your dribbling height increase more. Keep dribbling the ball as high as you can then gradually repeat the process till you are low on one knee. Finish this drill when you are close to the ground as possible then repeat this whole drill with the other hand as well.


Begin this drill by dribbling the ball till your waistline. Then abruptly kill the dribbling by dribbling it as low as you possibly can. Does this exercise for a few seconds then gradually bring the ball back up to the waistline. Repeat this drill several times with each your hands.

Circle Dribbles

This involves dribbling the ball by making circles on the ground. Extend the left leg forward and dribble the ball low around the leg in a circular pattern. Repeat the drill with now your right leg extended forward. If you’ve got the hang of this drill, now you can try making the figure 8 dribble.

Figure Eight

This drill is quite similar to the figure 8 drill, though now it is more crossed in between the legs to make the figure 8. This requires the use of both hands. If you really want to master this drill make sure you look up while performing this drill.
Back and Forth under the legs
Crouch over with your right knee extending your leg forward. Begin V-dribbling behind the extended leg. Now repeat with your left leg.

Crossover Dribbles

To do these drills, begin dribbling with your right hand. Bounce the ball once on the right side, cross the ball and begin bouncing on the left. Keep switching sides, from right to left and left to right over and over again for a while. Make sure the crossover is low and quite quick.

V-dribble in front

Begin with your right hand and dribble once on the right side. Consecutively, start dribbling the ball in front of your body. Again switch sides and with your left hand start dribbling on your left side. Though, the best way to master this trick make sure that you don’t use your left hand and instead pass the ball, quickly move your right hand over the ball and grasp it on the left side. Keep dribbling like this; Right, Cross and then V-dribble.

Side V-Dribble

Now practice the v-dribble on the side, which is commonly known as the push-pull dribble. Make sure you use both your left and right hands.
These can be used for basketball dribbling drills for beginners but shouldn’t be confused with basketball training drills for beginners. It’s highly important that a person who wish to get used to and familiarize himself completely with the game of basketball must know exactly what these exercises and dribbling drills emphasize. This will greatly help you in how you can control the ball, if you can easily perfect this you’ll be absolutely good to go with the sport of Basketball.
The next step is to move onto defense drills and get the team prepared for the.

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