Top 5 Stephen Curry Shoes That Improve Your Jump

Top 5 Stephen Curry Shoes That Improve Your Jump

Top 5 Stephen Curry Shoes That Improve Your Jump

Athletes do their best to optimize their performance and they know that competition is what it’s all about. In the world of basketball, talent and technology combine to make champions. Since proper clothing has been shown to affect overall performance, finding the right shoes is a vital part of achieving success.

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest basketball players of this generation. His athleticism has found a sure road into the history of world basketball. Regarded by many as one of the greatest shooters in the history of NBA, Stephen is admired by new generations of young basketball players who are looking to imitate both his play and his attitude. He even has his own line of Stephen Curry shoes.

His skills are one of a kind. Since it takes a champion to know what is needed in terms of footwear, manufacturers have resorted to the most knowledgeable sources to develop their products. Stephen Curry basketball shoes are more than just a signature product, they are backed up by a professional’s life expertise and knowledge.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Steph Curry shoes and learn more about what makes them the best basketball sneakers on the market. The top 5 is based off design and comfort, some are the same model but are different in many ways including color.

Under Armour Curry Two Low Cut

These shoes are part of the second edition of the former Under Armour Curry One. This model has been designed focusing on improving performance in many different ways. Reviewers agree that this version has taken a leap forward in many technical aspects.

Materials: This shoe has left anaFoam behind completely and replaced it with the a Speedform technology from the brand’s running shoes. There has been plenty of research and development prior to the product’s launch. Materials in this shoe are thinner lighter and less bulky than previous models. Available in bright shiny colors, these shoes have been made to stand out from the rest.

Cushioning: A major issue for athletes, cushioning in the Under Armour Curry Two has been optimized by using the full-length charged cushioning. Even when this type of technology was developed for the Under Armour One, the main difference is that the charged cushioning. In this case it has been added over the Micro G Foam which provides a certain bounce on the forefoot which is noticeable even when walking. The setup has been described as bouncy and responsive, even upon full impact.

Fit: Thanks to the Under Armour’s Speedform Technology, the Two series offers a new kind of fit and the Low-top editions are no exception. Speedform uses a one-piece seamless material which means that there is no exceeding foam or collar surrounding the sock. However, the greatest asset translates into a thinner look and feel. Reviewers of the Stephen Curry shoes talk of a snug fit that does not compress or restrain you foot in any way. The toe box is also part of the fit by featuring a synthetic fuse material that optimizes stability as well as durability. Running all the way around the mid foot area, the external heel counter provides even further stability.

Under Armour Curry 2 Men’s High Tops White and Red
To show that quality is not detrimental to attractiveness, these new colors appeal to all tastes and likes. Users will certainly stand out in more ways than just during play.

Materials: Unlike most sporting shoes that prefer the woven and mesh uppers, the Under Armour Curry 2 series has been using its SpeedForm technology and it seems that it is here to stay. The advantage of wearing a basketball sneaker with this technology is that there is no distraction whatsoever in terms of seams or cuts that would interfere with the fit. Besides, those who wear ankle braces will find that they accommodate just fine in these shoes. As for the toe box, it has been made with a synthetic fuse material that also contributes to optimizing both performance and fit. The rubber on the sole is slightly softer than previous models, making the wear a bit faster when used outdoors.

Cushioning: Sharing all other Under Armour 2 cushioning technology known as “Charged”, these Curry shoes have been described as being a bit plusher than the Curry One series. Reviewers have shared their satisfaction with the shoes performance on the court, even when the sprint is a bit less bouncy than other similar shoes within the same price range. Featuring a responsive mid sole, this sneaker ensures maximum responsiveness both on the court and outside.

Fit: As far as sizing is concerned, these Stephen Curry shoes are true to size. However, such a snug fitting sneaker may feel awkward to those who prefer a little room in the toe area. In this case a half size up is recommend for major comfort. The lacing system in this Men’s model is in agreement with the close fit and may feel a bit tight during the break-in period. After a while, most people start to feel more comfortable. With a solid lock down, most users agree that after a while it feels like nothing is being worn at all.

Under Armour Curry 2 Men’s High Tops Black and White
Support is first-class as with all the other shoes in this series. Better grip and improved balance are some of the benefits of wearing the Under Armour Curry 2. Even if you wear ankle braces, there will come a time after the break in period that you will feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Materials: Made with the help of the most innovative technology, all shoes in the Under Armour Stephen curry series include SpeedForm which enables athletes to improve the feel, as far as stitching is concerned. Since SpeedForm introduces the concept of a one-piece seamless material, a novel technological development exclusive in the Stephen Curry sneaker series. Made with synthetic fully breathable fuse material the toe box allows for optimal comfort, plus non-deformity prevention that ensures a longer-lasting fit. The black and white version provides the optimal color combination that adds elegance to performance.

Cushioning: The mid sole in this model allows for explosive responsiveness which contributes to optimizing performance on the court. In addition, the inclusion of full-length Charged cushioning technology absorbs impact reducing the chances of injury. Featuring an organic herringbone traction pattern, these shoes excel at further control and grip.

Fit: According to user experience, these shoes run neither small, nor large and are pretty much true to size. Those athletes who prefer a loser toe movement would do well in ordering a larger size (about half size). The inclusion of heel and mid foot shanks provide a unique locked in stability. The white and black version of this model is in agreement with the rest of the series in its snug fitting feel. Not like the Amazon Stephen Curry shoes these give you a better feel.

Under Armour Charged Foam Curry One Low

This basketball shoe belongs to the first series of Stephen Curry’s shoes and is innovative in so many different ways. Years of technological development and material research were put into action when this shoe was first introduced. From materials, to precision fit, everything in this shoe has been carefully planned to optimize its wear.

The introduction of ClutchFit means that a second skin has been added to the anaFoam structure so that the user feels the safety of proper support without the discomfort of aggressive or bulky grip. A fuse layer has been added in the toe area to ensure maximum durability in high wear areas.

These shoes make an excellent choice for guards who need further support and improved stability as performance is highly enhanced by this model.

Materials: The introduction of new materials to the Stephen curry shoes include the presentation of dubbed anaFoam, which is a lightweight material that has built-in support pieces made of foam. This is wrapped in a compression molded fabric that may feel like canvas when it comes to assessing feel. Actually, anaFoam is multiple layers of mesh that have been technologically compressed to become strong, yet lightweight.

Cushioning: Introducing the new Charged technology, these shoes were the first to present this novelty that would later on become a Curry series trademark. Charged is best explained as being an extra layer of foam added to the Micro G carrier that is said to be mobile or active in its performance. Basketball players agree that while the sole does not seem to be actually alive, they can tell the difference from a softer feel during resting periods to a stiffened one while in motion. Those who have benefited from the former MicroG technology will enjoy this development.

Fit: In general terms, these shoes are pretty much true to size. However, some people may feel that they are a bit larger than they would have expected. Experience proves that once the break in period is over, materials would seem to adapt to the foot and improve the feel. Contrary to what could be expected, the low version also offers a comfortable well fitting grip that helps to improve overall athletic performance.

Under Armour Charged Foam Curry Ones High Tops

Care should be taken when low socks are worn, since the two top eyelets are metal grommets that may eventually dig into the ankles. Depending on your physical constitution the issue can be easily solved by wearing higher socks all the times.

Materials: AnaFoam has become a major part of the Curry One success. In its dubbed version this lightweight yet extremely resistant material is a step ahead when it comes to both comfort and support. Event the Stephen Curry shoes for kids have the same thing. The one-piece solid rubber out sole contributes to enhancing traction as well as fit. The development of a superior alternative to Micro G, translates into better impact protection and responsiveness. As for sole materials, the same traction pattern that used to be found in ClutchFit Drive has been completely reused, only that fully re-charged. By redesigning the entire Stephen Curry sneakers from the mid sole up, they have managed to keep the benefits, while improving even further. This allows for superior traction both indoors as well as outdoors.

Cushioning: Introducing a brand-new cushioning design named Charged, manufacturers of the Under Armour Curry One have created a whole new level of cushioning support. Best described as some sort of “smart” cushioning device, this type of technology allows athletes to feel the difference in performance according to demand. During normal or everyday movement, the cushion will feel softer with an increase in demand for instance and while in motion stiffness goes up. Professional customers have claimed this to be an asset as it improves responsiveness during play. Comfortable, yet sturdy enough to resist heavy use these cushion soles are certainly a novelty on the sport shoe market.

Fit: Manufacturers of this revolutionary sport shoe are so confident of the technology they have developed, that they offer a 100% fit guarantee. Thanks to its innovative technology, anaFoam upper provides an anatomical fit that adds extra lateral support. The herringbone pattern offers optimal control that contributes to optimizing the fit as well. Support is also extremely balanced as it has everything it should. The heel cup at the rear of the shoe helps you keep the foot in the foot bed, plus there is a TPU shank for further torsional support. This quality is highly visible when it comes to actual game play.

These top 5 Stephen Curry shoes have one thing in common, they have been made based on extensive research and technology. The results are a visible higher-quality sport shoe that helps to improve basketball players overall performance regardless of the position they play in.

Each individual athlete can certainly find something they like in each Curry model. Finding the right basketball sneaker for yourself is a simple thing once you have become familiar with all the existing alternatives. Even if you are learning how to play basketball these shoes will help you become the best. These are made from the best materials and are of the highest quality. You can also get the Stephen curry kids basketball shoes for the little ones.


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