Vert Shock Basketball Training Program

Vert Shock Basketball Training Program Vert Shock Basketball Training Program

How To Shoot A basketball, The Simple Guide to learning How to Properly Shoot In The Game.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports today. It’s fast-paced nature makes the game exciting, whether you’re playing or simply watching it. The game’s objective is simple. Shoot the ball in the goal and score higher than the opposing team.

In a game of basketball, it’s common for the opposing teams to heavily guard the areas closest to the goal and offer less pressure as you move further. This is because the closer the ball gets to the basket, the higher are the chances of getting the ball in the hoop. What if you and your teammates cannot get a closer shot? Then you need to start learning how to shoot the ball from a distance.

Winning in this game requires players to know how to shoot a basketball. This is the only action in the game that gains points. Therefore, it is almost imperative for any basketball team to get players who are capable of shooting the ball and contributing to offense. This is the only action in the game that gains points.

In professional, collegiate, and national teams, players who know how to shoot a basketball, and can consistently get points for the team are highly sought after.

Shooting the ball correctly

While shooting the ball seems intuitive to any basketball player, many aspiring players do not really know how to properly shoot a basketball. While there is no guarantee that players will get a perfect shooting record by knowing how to shoot a basketball perfectly, observing the proper form while shooting is necessary in order to increase the chances of the ball going in the hoop.

For teams that regularly compete, one of the skills that coaches want their players to develop is the skill of shooting using the correct form. Before the player is given time to play, many coaches make sure that the player is able to shoot the ball decently, and at a good shooting percentage. By doing so, their chances of getting points whenever they need them are improved.

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Training how to shoot a basketball correctly

Getting players to shoot the ball correctly requires training, especially to those who have developed bad habits while doing it. But what exactly are the things that should be taught to players in order to shoot correctly?

Training how to shoot a basketball should be able to cover the following general concepts:

  • Correct stance and grip
  • Shooting motion
  • Techniques that will increase the likelihood of the ball going through the hoop

These basics are more useful to players who want to know how to shoot a basketball when doing it at a distance. Some shots, such as dunks, layups, or hook shots may require a different motion or follow a different mechanic. But nevertheless, these skills are useful in improving your general shooting motion and the possibility of your shots to go in.

Learning about the proper stance, position, and grip

The act of shooting is similar to a machine and this means that if you want to get the desired result. everything that you do needs to be accomplished smoothly. In learning how to shoot a basketball perfectly, the first thing that a player should train at would be the correct stance, position, and grip before doing the motion. By starting the motion correctly, it is more likely that the act will be finished correctly, and gain points for your team.

The proper shooting stance

The following steps will serve as a guide to the correct shooting stance and the right way of handling the ball prior to shooting:

  • Stand with your legs and feet at least shoulder width apart – learning the proper stance is an important element that a player should develop if he wants to know how to shoot a basketball correctly. This is because the legs serve as the source of the force that will be needed to shoot the ball. Think of it as a spring that transfers power to your arms. This position will give optimal force to your shot without having the need to apply too much force coming from the arms.
  • Position your dominant feet slightly forward – while maintaining the shoulder width stance, it is recommended that your dominant feet is slightly forward.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent – in order for your legs to become a spring that’s ready to release energy, you need to develop the habit of bending your knees slightly. This will also help you to get ready for jumping and ready to shoot the ball any time you receive it. It will also help you move faster and give you better balance (or even regain it faster) as compared to standing or shooting with your legs straight.

The premise of these points is to help shooters develop a stance that will make it easier for them to shoot the ball. However, players need to consider what makes them comfortable when they take the shot.

When developing this stance, players are encouraged to be conscious of it whenever they are attempting to shoot the basketball. Practicing the stance, whether at home or in the court while warming up, will help you get used to it. By doing so, it will be easier for your body to assume the stance whenever you catch and let the ball fly. You will soon become a pro. Summer camps are a great way to help.

The correct position of the ball before shooting

Once you get used to the stance, you will need to get hold of the ball. But in order to shoot the ball correctly, it needs to be in the correct position first. This correct position will help you to easily shoot the ball and improve its chances of going in.

The following steps will guide you on the correct position of the ball so that shot attempts are easier:

  • Know where the “shooting pocket” is – this area is located on the player’s dominant side, usually few inches just about the waist. By knowing where this “sweet spot” is, it will be easier for you to transition from catching the ball to being in a position to shoot it.
  • Make sure that your elbow is under the ball, not on the side – another position that should be assumed so that shooting the ball will be comfortable is to position your elbow rather than on the side. Getting used to doing the latter could significantly change the direction of your shot.
  • Practice catching the ball in your shooting pocket so that you can shoot faster. If doing so is not possible (say, you’re catching a broken pass), make sure that you can put the ball in your shooting pocket as fast as you can.

The shooting pocket may be mostly useful in shooting the ball, but learning how to shoot a basketball (or even catch it) in this area could help set you up for the “triple threat” position (where you can easily pass, dribble, or shoot the ball). This could confuse your opponent as to what you’ll do with the ball.

Proper shooting grip

Once the ball is caught and put in your shooting pocket, it’s time to position it for shooting. In this position though, the way you hold the ball could make a difference on the outcome of your shot attempt.

The following steps can be followed if you want to grip the ball properly before shooting:

  • Make sure that your shooting hand is positioned vertically against the seams of the ball and that your finger pads are parallel to it. This is done so that you can monitor and control the ball’s back spin once you release it.
  • When you hold the ball, make sure that your fingers are spread. By doing so, it will be easier for you to hold and balance the ball even with one hand.
  • Your non-dominant hand should be placed on the side of the ball. This position, along with the straight elbow from your dominant hand, will help you shoot the ball in the correct direction.
  • Make sure that the ball rests on your finger pads when you’re about to shoot. Leave some room between the ball and your palms. This can be developed by holding a small object such as a pen when holding the ball to and from your shooting pocket and shooting position.

Your shooting motion

Now that you know the “preparations” in taking the shot, it’s time to shoot the ball. Just like the first phase, executing the steps correctly is important if you want to learn how to shoot a basketball with increased accuracy.

The steps below will guide you on what to do during your shooting motion:

  • From your shooting pocket, move the ball smoothly to shooting position. This is done by bending your forearm towards your shoulder while raising both arms to eye level and the ball slightly above your head. Make sure that the ball doesn’t go as far as the back of your head or on the side.
  • Straighten your knees and apply enough force to jump. Make sure that you land on the same position where you jumped.
  • Upon jumping, exert force using your shooting hand. Release the ball by snapping your elbows and wrist forward. When you start to shoot, make sure that your non-dominant hand comes off the ball first. Combined with jumping, you will only need to exert an adequate amount of force to shoot the ball.
  • Your wrist should somehow be loose when the shot is released. This is done to get the ball to travel in an arc, rather than a straight line.
  • Develop your follow-through. When shooting, make sure that your wrists are relaxed. Your fingers should also be pointing to the goal, and can be seen at the top of the back board square.

Other techniques for improved chances of your shot going in

Along with practicing the basics, these techniques can also improve your shooting percentage:

  • Use the back board – whether shooting straight or at an angle, getting your shots to fall can be aided by the board. Instead of aiming for the rim, you can instead aim to get the ball to hit the square in the back board. Always aim for the middle of the square, as it will most likely drop straight to the basket. This is useful when shooting layups or taking shots closer to the rim.
  • Shoot in the same place repeatedly – this will help create muscle memory, which in turn will get your body to assume a particular position when shooting. Once your body gets used to the “feeling”, it will most likely repeat your motion and get your expected results.

Learning how to shoot a basketball requires consistency in doing all the steps. By doing so, you will be ready to play the game competitively and even become a player that everyone is looking for.

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